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Link authority

Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 01:06 PM
Author: gert

When trying to find out how to evaluate the importance of a link pointing to a page, Google considers the authority the link carries. This means that Google checks if the link comes from a page that’s an authority in the field in question, or how much “authority” it has for the respective topic on the web.

A link pointing from linkbuilder.es to a wood shop’s site would be valid and might pass on some link juice, but it would be much better if it came from a site that’s an authority in the topics wood, carpentry, etc.

When investigating possibilities for high quality backlinks, we investigate the areas where our clients are doing business, looking for websites, blogs, social media verticals, etc. who are seen as authorities in their field.

Our main goal in search engine optimization for a website is always trying to convert the site into an authority in their area. Our blog linkbuilder.es is still young, but our aim with it is the same: linkbuilder.es should be an authority among all the seo and link-building blogs on the web.

How to become an authority on the web?

In order to become an authority on the web, it’s important to provide high quality information – frequently, if possible. What do you achive with that? If your information is unique and of great quality, other sites will naturally link to you, referring to you as an authority and “using” your site to explain a certain subject or stating your opinion on a certain topic. An example for that would be wikipedia: many sites link to wikipedia to explain technical terms. So, our aim for today: try to be wikipedia in your area of business.

Link-building blog

Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Author: gert

We just launched the English version of our still young Spanish link-building blog linkbuilder.es. I hope we’ll have lots of interesting communications going on here – whenever you agree/disagree with one of our posts or would like to add something, feel free to do so in the respective comments section, or directly send us an e-mail to info@linkbuilder.es.

The posts here might not be exact translations of our main Spanish version, but after recovering a few topics already discussed in Spanish, we’ll try to keep the two versions quite similar.